How to Optimize your Blog Posts

If you have come this far, to the extent of having a blog, then you know the advantages that business blogging can bring about. But the major question is whether you know how you can optimize your blog posts so that you can convert them into search engine friendly content.

rf5t43 blog postThe most surprising thing that you will realize is that majority of the bloggers do not take full advantage of the enormous marketing potential that their blogs have. Research conducts shows that at least 60% of businesses have blogs, but the surprising thing is that out of those almost 65% of them have not been updated in the past year. To ensure that you take full advantage and rip the benefits that come with blogging, you should be ready to provide fresh and relevant content while you also ensure that you perform basic blog post optimization.

Below, we highlight how you can optimize your blog posts in an endeavor to get your blog noticed.

Conduct research

Before you embark on doing anything, it is important that you at least do some research so that you can be in the know. This also applies to when you want to optimize your blog posts. For your page to achieve visibility, you should first conduct some keyword research as this is always essential.

Many bloggers commit the mistake of including keywords naturally without realizing it. But with the advancement in technology, there are some tools and techniques that one can use to come up with keywords that are in line and relevant to what the blog post is all about. This tools will not only enable you to find words that can work well with your blog topics, but they can also enable you to spy on your competitors, so you know what they are doing differently.

Ensure proper use of keywords

Once you have conducted your research and you have some valuable keywords that are relevant to your posts, it is advisable that you place them in strategic positions where they will not only have an impact on the humans reading them but also the crawlers who are doing content indexing.

While on this, it is important that you avoid keyword stuffing as it will not only make your content unreadable but can also attract penalties from Google.

Image optimization

Ensure that whatever you do, is geared towards optimization of your image. Be it that you are posting an image to your blog ensure that you have a keyword as the file name.

Allow readers subscription

3edfrr blogging subscription To ensure maximum visibility, it is advisable that you include RSS or FSB in a visible and easy to access places within your blog. Additionally, give your viewers the ability to subscribe to your posts via E-mail whenever possible. This is important as it will allow your followers instant notifications whenever you have a new post.

Proper use of social media

The importance of social media cannot be emphasized any further. You should always endeavor to use all social media platforms to ensure that the coverage of your blog posts is as broad as possible.…