JBother: A groovy Jabber client ---- v0.8.7 (05/22/2005) ------------------------------------------------------ * Partial file transfer support (Lukasz Wiechec) * Tab improvements (Adam Olsen) * jabber:iq:last support (Andrey Zakirov) * New menu layout (Andrey Zakirov) * Roster toggle buttons (Adam Olsen) * More notification options (Adam Olsen) * improved message event support (Andrey Zakirov) * jabber:iq:search (Lukasz Wiechec) ---- v0.8.6 (03/25/2005) ------------------------------------------------------ * Full Multi User Chat support (Adam Olsen) * Message Event support (typing notification) (Adam Olsen) * GnuPG Support (Andrey Zakirov) * Optional Single window mode (docked roster) (Adam Olsen) * System tray plugin for linux (Yury Soldak) * MUC autojoin (Adam Olsen) * VCard support (Adam Olsen) * Improved Service Discovery (Adam Olsen) * Gateway type icons (Adam Olsen) * Saved Presence messages (Chris King) * Many many many bug fixes * XML Console (Andrey Zakirov) ---- v0.8.5 (12/28/2004) ------------------------------------------------------ * Plugin Support and API (Adam Olsen) * Profile Manager (Adam Olsen) * Auto Reconnect on Disconnect (Adam Olsen) * Optional Tabbed Window for All Conversations (Adam Olsen) * Emoticon Theme Switcher (Adam Olsen) * Emoticon Chooser (Adam Olsen) * de_DE Translation (Jaan Klatt) * Windows Plugin (Chris King) * OS X Plugin (Adam Olsen) * Look And Feel Plugin (Adam Olsen) * New JBother Logo Art (Thorsten Panknin) * jabber:iq:time Support (Adam Olsen) * User Information Viewer (Adam Olsen) * User Can View Buddy List and Preferences Without Signing in (Adam Olsen) ---- v0.8.4b (09/01/2004) ------------------------------------------------------ * Added Disco Service Discovery Browser (Adam Olsen) * Better resource management (Adam Olsen) * Group Chat Tab completion (Yury Soldak) * Group Chat Nickname highlighting (Yury Soldak) * Group Chat Highlighing sounds (Adam Olsen) * Multi language support (Adam Olsen) * ru_RU translation (Yury Soldak) * pt_BR translation (Carlos A. R. de Souza) * CTRL+[1-9] Tab switching in Group Chat (Yury Soldak) * New HEADLINE message window (Yury Soldak) * Create Account feature now grabs required fields from server (Adam Olsen) * Mac OS/X event notification improvements (dock icon bounces correctly) (Adam Olsen) * Ability to use user defined status icon themes (in ~/.jbother/themes/statusicons) (Yury Soldak) * Ability to choose custom fonts for conversations and interface (Adam Olsen) * Automatic Idle Away option (idleness is only tracked for JBother use, since the JRE provides no cross-platform method to do this) (Adam Olsen) * Ability to block users/privacy manager (Adam Olsen) * New JBother Logo art (Jenn Hartnoll) * Size preferences are saved when you resize a conversation window and/or the groupchat window (Adam Olsen) * jabber:iq:version support (the correct way) (Adam Olsen) ---- v0.8.3 (04/16/2004) ------------------------------------------------------ * Changelog had not yet been created